Monday, 21 December 2009

Defending yourself

I never thought I would wind up giving a Tory Shadow Home Secretary wholehearted support but there is always a first time. There used to be a 'self defence' protection if you attacked a burglar or other intruder. Somehow over time it has gone into reverse & it is the victim of crime who, if they defend themselves, is now the criminal in the eyes of the law. This has got so insane that a female pensioner who poked a teenage yob in the chest was hauled up before the local magistrates. If someone is threatening you with a weapon in your own home can anyone explain how you are supposed to know what is reasonable force to defend yourself. "Please Mr Burglar have a cup of tea while I ring the disinterested police & get a ruling on how hard I can hit you". It is high time this daft interpretation of the law was reversed.