Sunday, 25 January 2009

BBC wrong again

I am greatly saddened by the disintegrating standards at the BBC, a unique institution that seems hell bent on self destruction. Its' latest insanity is to refuse to broadcast the appeal for aid to Gaza on the pathetic grounds of 'impartiality'. It is compounding that folly by refusing to listen to the torrent of distinguished outrage directed towards it.

Of much less import, but symptomatic of the same breakdown, was the way it handled the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand affair. It is not the function of the BBC to spend millions of the licence payers money promoting such people. There are other places they can go to display there talents. Similarly the ubiquitous Jeremy Clarkson who seems to think it OK to set fire to a rare car on television - a great example to vandals everywhere.

And we all know how 'balanced' the BBC is when it comes to giving air time to the LibDems.

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