Monday, 16 March 2009

Social workers must be accountable

I doubt if social workers would deny the truth of the headline to this posting but what is completely UNACCEPTABLE is that such accountability is applied to poorly paid, poorly trained & overworked people & not universally, - especially not to politicians, media, financial types & all the others who see personal accountability for the misery & damage they inflict as an excellent requirement on everybody but themselves.

About 25yrs ago I was at a conference attended largely by publishers, journalists & media types. There had recently been a big engineering disaster with loss of life - the Piper Alpha platform probably. Anyway the media frenzy was all about engineers accepting personal liability for their mistakes. That proposition received much support from the floor until eventually my flapping hand was noticed. I had the opportunity to say that, as a professional engineer, I would accept the proposition provided that all the other professions in the room did the same. It is once in a lifetime that you get the chance to be a real show stopper. The debate was concluded forthwith. Nothing changes

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