Monday, 8 June 2009

Invisible Europe

My EU blog of 18th May was sent to the local papers on 26th May and finally published on 6th June!! Our 'Party Manifesto' for the EU emerged about 4days before the election. Our first EU Election broadcast never mentioned Europe. Fat lot of good all that was. In the NW,apart from Chris Davies, our local and National EU election effort was invisible.'Don't mention the EU' was like the Fawlty Towers 'Don't mention the War' sketch. If we really are the pro-Europe party then our leaders have got to stop pussyfooting round it and meet UKIP, the BNP & Eurosceptic Tories head on on every possible occasion.If we think that relentlessly putting the case for Europe is a vote loser will the leadership please say so then I can resign from the Party & save myself a stack of money and a lot of hard work.

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Stephen said...

Actually our EU Manifesto was launched on the 12th May. Unfortunately this was also Day of the Telegraph exposing MPs expenses. It was very much a pro-Europe message which got strangled by the other political agenda. I heard the odd whisper of it but sadly the media never wanted to dwell on it long they wanted the juicier, racier stuff.

The same was reflected on the doorsteps.