Thursday, 22 July 2010

Special relationship my eye

Much excitement over Nick Clegg calling the Iraq war 'illegal' at PMQ's but why shouldn't he? This has always been the LibDem view since before the war started & the Tories were gung ho in favour of it. We haven't joined the Tory Party & don't have to support their position on everything. Much more of a gaffe was David Cameron talking about 1940. Personally I am sick to the back teeth over all this rubbish about 'special relationship' with the USA. If it ever existed it was given a cruel blow when, no sooner had WWII ended the USA was demanding repayment of our war loan. It was given a further battering when the USA (rightly) refused to support the Suez adventure. We gave it a belt when Harold Wilson (rightly) refused to go into Vietnam. One could go on - the full listing of failures of mutual support since 1945 could fill pages. The USA did not enter WWI or WWII until their own self interest was at stake. I don't object to that but for goodness sake let's stop kidding ourselves. Cameron needs to tell the USA that GREAT BRITAIN won the battle to stop Hitler in 1940 - ALONE. At the time the USA was being pretty unsupportive.

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