Monday, 8 November 2010

Show a little dignity Mr Woolas

Phil Woolas was, and still is, shameless over his teams General Election campaign. The Court ruling against him does not represent the death of normal political rough & tumble nor will it 'chill political speech' as he claims.It simply requires election literature & political statements to have a nodding acquaintance with that old fashioned concept called truth and some tenuous understanding of the word 'fact'. The opposition in Nevada prior to last weeks election were told that the incumbent supported using tax money to give Viagra to sex offenders. Fox News told Americans that President Obama's trip to Asia would cost Taxpayers $200m a day. Both of these are blatant lies. $200m a day exceeds the cost of US activity in Afghanistan - as Fox News must well know. Do we REALLY want to import this kind of politics? And by the way we had better give total support to the BBC which is under attack from guess who owns Fox News.

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