Friday, 18 February 2011

Politics before people

Bad financial management is not confined to the Public Sector. Some years ago a major company in financial difficulties 'economised' by doing away with the ladies who toured their offices with a tea trolly! The number of Directors remained unaltered. What on earth justifies a Council Chief Executive being paid more than the Prime Minister? At the risk of being accused of assorted phobias and discrimination one has to ask if a Council REALLY needs THREE separate Officers, costing upwards of £30k each to deal with Gay Men's; Lesbian and Ethnic issues? During the week there have been a number of declarations from local councils about how they are going to organise their budgets to meet reduced income. This is so varied that getting a general picture is near impossible. But there are some trends. A number of Labour controlled Councils have decided to make front line cuts for their publicity value to doubtless make a political point. A number of Councils of all persuasions have striven, not always successfully, to protect front line jobs & services. Some Councils have looked at Lollipop Ladies [and men] and Meals on Wheels as an option. What should happen is a serious cull of senior management & posts which are 'political', like a 'Nuclear free coordinator' disguised as a 'service'.

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