Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Back me or sack me says Cameron over NHS

According to the Independent newspaper Cameron is going to make a back me or sack me speech about the NHS in which he is expected to repeat the old message that 'no change is not an option'. Clegg comes out with the same type of remark. But what does the phrase actually mean? In truth not a lot. Any organisation (except apparently the House of Commons given the dreadful NO2AV campaign) that takes the view that no change is necessary is in serious trouble. What actually matters is what change,by whom,how & when. I have not seen any persuasive case to support the need for the sort of wholesale shake up that the Government is proposing. The instances of NHS failure so lovingly & extensively paraded by the right wing Tories & their print media are failures of detail management not wholesale structural inadequacy. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that shareholder owned, commercial businesses are any better at such detail management of a large & diverse business. Look at the mess BP got itself into to say nothing of the Banks. Indeed as my previous recent blogs have shown 'private' companies in the health sector can easily be worse than the NHS. So any NHS Bill however mutilated [right wing words] or improved [left wing words] which is based on the previous proposals just needs to be totally abandoned and the issue re-visited much more carefully and hopefully with all party support. Dream on.

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