Tuesday, 16 August 2011

When is thief not a thief?

Last week during 'Newsnight' former editor of 'The Sun' Kelvin Mackenzie [ so we know what his views are don't we !!] rounded on a fellow panellist with the words " There is nothing to understand about this. They are thieves by any name and you can get thieves in any part of society". Well he got the last bit of that comment right. The trouble is that it is primarily only the thieves at the bottom that get caught & punished. Those at the top get rewarded. The Financial Times [not renowned for being left wing] had a fabulous cartoon on Saturday 13th showing an individual clutching big box of money called MPs expenses, followed by another with an even bigger box of money called bankers bonus, followed by a hoodie carrying an Adidas box, all emerging from a broken window painted as the Union Flag. The caption was Broken Britain. Back in April I published a post pointing out that Goldman Sachs had been fined what,in terms of most people's income,was 5p.

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