Thursday, 26 January 2012

Fair taxes - dream on

In a fascinating story buried in the House & Home section of the Financial Times about the buoyancy of the multimillion pound property market in the UK, a buying agent in central London, Simon Barnes, is quoted: "The wealthiest international buyers may have one nanny per child, a chauffeur, chef,personal trainer & nutritionist.Often this team travels with them". Salary costs for this squad are upwards of £150000 p.a. One property at £12million comes with additional mews & flat property linked to the main building to accommodate staff. The only problem that I have with any of this is the level of taxation that the people who can afford this stuff might escape. It would be good if someone who knew about such matters could enlighten us. Just on one issue an earlier post of mine [9th Jan] drew attention to the pathetic level of council tax incurred by such properties & the efforts of owners to avoid it. Like us ordinary mortals trying to escape paying less than 5p on something.

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