Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Punish the poor & benefit the rich" Tory slogan for 2015?

No one condones benefit fraud but in the UK welfare fraud stands at £1.2bn (1% of welfare spend). Corporate tax avoidance is £25bn. We've clawed back £4bn from tax avoiders & evaders trumpets millionaire, George Osborne, at the Tory conference yesterday in almost the same breath as he wants to cut £10bn from welfare. Is this any kind of balance? Fairness? All in it together? George told a heartrending tale of a hardworking soul having to get out of bed on a dark, cold, morning, endure the daily commute, work hard all day & then repeat the process in reverse. Contrast this lifestyle with someone on benefits able to have a lie in & stroll down to the pub for lunch. We have to deal with this unfairness and the justifiable resentment it causes he proclaimed to the joy of the Tory faithful, almost none of whom will have any idea what life is really like for most people on benefits. ONE MAJOR FLAW IN GEORGE'S IDEA IS WHERE ARE THE JOBS FOR THESE BENEFIT LAYABOUTS TO DO? There are 100's of applicants for every vacancy. Most people on benefits who can work would love to work. George airily dismisses LibDem ideas for a Mansion Tax and other ways to get a more reasonable contribution from those who can afford it. It seems clear that the Tory slogan for the next election should be “Hound the poor to benefit the rich”. Got quite a ring to it don't you think? Poor George. Shame the economy is in such poor shape he can't afford to put scroungers to work building Workhouses.

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