Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'll tolerate most abuse but I do get very angry at being taken for an idiot

UK Dividend payments have risen by one fifth. Chief Executives of FTSE 100 companies saw their median earnings rise by 31% to £3.5million in 2013. This is on top of one in four of them getting a 41% increase in 2012. Archbishop John Sentamu notes that “ The holes in millions of pay checks [for ordinary workers] are being plugged by in work support to the tune of £4bn a year” [of taxpayers money]. He quite rightly asks why is government having to subsidise businesses who don't pay their employees enough to live on. Meanwhile the EU haters & the Daily Express are getting all excited that the EU requirement to give equal rights to temporary employees is costing British business ' up to [notice the qualification] £1.5bn'. That sum is rather trivial I relation to the other figures quoted here. We are being treated as idiots by being asked to believe that this 'imposition' from the EU is harming our businesses? Some might say that if were NOT for the EU, Chief Executives & the Tory Party would be even more gleefully grinding the faces of us ordinary mortals into the dust.

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neil craig said...

It wou7ld be possibgle to say some of that5 honestly, if not accurately, if you were not part of a corrupt totalitarian party actively trying to impoverish the people of Britain.

You know perfectly well that business is in no slightest way responsible for the recession or poverty - it being entirely the fault of the thieving, censoring, fascist parasites of the political class.