Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Great Repeal Act

My daughter & granddaughter have the 'flu. Attempting to buy some paracetamol & other palliatives I'm told that I can only buy two packets of such items. Of course I can go back round the supermarket & turn up at a checkout at the opposite end of the line with two more, and then trot round a few chemists and so forth. We may have scrapped ID cards but there is just so much of this trivial, irritating & totally useless legislation that I doubt we will really see much by way of a return of common sense. I did have a fear that if Labour had got back in I might have seen a law passed instructing me to follow a set Government procedure for the wiping of the backside so I suppose I should be grateful for small mercies.


Hywel said...

Though I don't think this is a restriction imposed by legislation but an attempt to reduce suicides by paracetamol overdose (which has had an effect).

coldcomfort said...

Thanks Hywel. If you have any hard data to back up your comment about having an effect on suicides I'd be glad to see it. Given that I could have bought a hundred packets if I'd trawled the shops hard enough I find it hard to be persuaded of the case.