Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ignore the world, we're doing OK

A few minutes ago on BBC Breakfast our Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, pointed out that incidents like the recent Israeli high seas piracy are not in Israels best long term interest. What else, I suppose, can he say? The whole world, except the Government of Israel, wants to believe that this is true & hopes Israel will see the light. Not surprisingly Israel holds a different view because, for the last 40yrs, it has been flouting international law & world opinion & no damage whatsoever has been done to its' interests in any place that matters. There is no incentive whatsoever for the government of Israel to change its' policies & there won't be until the USA, Britain & the EU seriously start to give it a hard time & stop talking nonsense about 'even handedness' & 'both sides' and 'right to defend itself'. I'm not holding my breath. Just try and imagine what would have happened if we had turned the Catholic areas of Belfast into present day Gaza because 'we had a right to defend ourselves'.

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