Thursday, 31 May 2012

The incredible (literally) Jeremy Hunt

On 4th May I wrote that only the LibDems are untainted by NewsCorp. Despite frenzied efforts to find something,all that has been discovered is that Fred Michel, before he worked for Murdoch, attended a fund raising dinner for Nick Clegg in 2007 before Clegg became LibDem Leader. Despite the fact that the ConLab party can commit a score of misdemeanors and get away with it whereas LibDems may only commit one, this hardly ranks at all compared to what has emerged today from Jeremy Hunt at the Leverson enquiry.The suggestion that Hunt could dismiss his personal, very pro-Murdoch views, from his mind once the BSkyB decision was his, whereas clearly Vince Cable could not similarly dismiss his anti-Murdoch views & thus had to be removed from the decision making, is as ludicrous as it is offensive. It is blindingly self evident that the Tories always intended Murdoch to get the whole of BSkyB and Cable, by refusing to be seduced by NewsCorps lobbyists, was in the way.

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