Friday, 4 May 2012

Only the LibDems are untainted by Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch said he never asked favours of politicians. Well of course not. He never needed to. It was clear even to me,as humble member of the exploited idiots who work hard, pay our taxes & don't make a pain in the butt of ourselves, that politicians would always know what Murdoch wanted and would smooth his path accordingly. The current links between the Tories & News International which are being exposed are no closer than those between Blair & Labour were. Tony flew half way round the world (at taxpayers expense?) to pay homage at the Court of King Rupert. In testimony last week it was helpfully confirmed that Tony's Europe policy was made in Wapping - not Downing Street. One document, also revealed last week, was a grovel from Gordon Brown pleading for the Sun to lay off & claiming mateship just days before the 2010 election. Just a few days afterwards the unelected emperor of the World is being ushered through the back door of No 10 to greet the new Prime Minister. Only the LibDems are untainted - despite huge efforts by NewsCorp to gain privilege access to Vince Cable when the BSkyB decision was his.

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