Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Service from Easyspace

An organisation for which I am Secretary has had our website domain hosted by Easyspace for some years. Just hosting - nothing more. Two years ago I was substantially overcharged for a late renewal. I wrote seeking a refund. My letter was not replied to and yes, I was remiss in not chasing it up. This cavalier attitude to real customer service, as opposed to what Easypace say about their service meant I had no intention of renewing when that subscription of two years ago expires on 16th June this year. I received an Email on 17th May 2012 from Easyspace saying " Easyspace auto renewal, successful renewal confirmation'. On 21st May I went into their control panel to discover that my personal credit cards details had been stored and a fee of £33.65 had been noted against the account. In that visit to the control panel I went through the process of changing my domain host for which I was charged a further £18 [which I put to a different credit card] Checking with my "stored" card supplier it was confirmed that the £33.65 fee had been taken on 17th May and naturally the card provider can do nothing about it. After much bouncing around the Easyspace website - including being pointed to a 'phone number which got the terse reply "This service has been discontinued" and automatic cut off - I finally called Easyspace Sales who gave me a number. On calling this I was told that no refund is possible. The voice simply said "It is all in the Terms & Conditions". I pointed out that I had seen those two years ago & was I seriously expected to remember the fine details? Would it not be consistent with the 'customer focus image' that Easyspace presents to send out a reminder? I asked what could be done & was told "I can send you a fresh set of Terms & Conditions". Customer service to be truly proud of ! ! I'm sure Easyspace are fully within their rights. Choose for yourself if this is a company with which you wish to do business and make sure you give them 60days notice of any change.

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