Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dont't go - stay & FIGHT

It is a great shame that so many LibDems are so disillusioned that they are quitting the party. They have every right to be profoundly upset. The political ineptitude and betrayal, particularly by the Conservative part of the coalition, is little short of breathtaking. OK so immediately I have provoked a howl 'tuition fees' & 'betrayal' by the LibDems (the only so called betrayal that seems to count). But actually 'the howl' makes my point. Despite the £9000 figure the new structure is a much better deal for students than the old one - as those students who have studied it carefully are now beginning to realise. It was the way in which it was allowed to be misrepresented that was the huge ineptitude. Like wise the 'Granny-Tax' that is not a tax at all. And why on earth did we go ahead with the AV referendum. Leaving aside that Cameron betrayed the LibDems by campaigning against it, it was a lousy proposal in the first place. And look how Lords reform has been botched - does it really make any sense to have 815 peers? There was nothing in the Coalition Agreement about fouling up the health service - Tory betrayal again and handled so badly that, if it were not for the LibDems, who knows what the outcome might have been. Then the Murdoch thing & Jeremy Hunt promoted. Hunt, apparently, has the sublime ability to set aside his personal views & judge the issue fairly - something Cable allegedly could not do. Believe that you'll believe the moon is made of Cheese (Wallace & Gromit for PM & Chancellor anyone?). It was ALWAYS the Tory intention to give Murdoch BSkyB & Cable was in the way because he WAS doing it by the book. Now, thanks to Local Government 'Reform' ( better known as screw up) we have got the 'Bed Tax'. One woman, whose 17yr old daughter is a fully fledged Private in the Army, & who lives in 'social' housing is being clobbered for extra money because she wants to keep her daughter's room available for when she comes home on leave. Where is the kid supposed to sleep? In the bath?. LibDems please don't leave. There is nowhere else for you to go. The need to stay on the inside I fight like never before has never been greater. Labour are bigger hypocrites than the Tories & that really IS some achievement.


Dave Orbison said...

Hi, I would have posted something on LibDem Voice but I seem to have been blocked. On the one hand I admire your strength of conviction in continuing to support the Liberals. I voted for the LibDems for the first time in 2010. I was disillusioned with Labour and they had nothing to offer. The Tories do what the Tories do and you ought not to have been surprised. Labour far from perfect, true. But Clegg 'sold' the LibDems as a new product'. Those of us that bought this sales pitch feel conned and betrayed. All we see is a horrific, Right-wing Tory Govt enabled by the LibDems. Pointing out the failings of Tory and Labour, even if correct, does nothing to heal these wounds. Good luck in trying to salvage the party from the careerists - I'm afraid it's a lost cause.

coldcomfort said...

Dave,it's not a strength of conviction. It is hard nosed practical politics. Don't play with politics if you aren't prepared to get wounded. I have never been elected but I have interacted in my career with very senior politicians in the UK, USA & Australia over some 30yrs. I'm not a bit surprised by what the Tories are doing. As you say it is exactly what they & their supporters expect For 13yrs Labour was virtually indistinguishable from a Tory Government and still has nothing to offer. If the LibDems go under, an ambition which truly unites Tory & Labour & their mates in the media, then it will not be long before we become, like the USA, a country with totally disfunctional politics ruled by extremists.