Sunday, 30 September 2012

Israels posturing over Iran has done its people no favours

Following on from my previous post it appears that Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has stepped back from threats of an imminent attack on Iran. In a speech to the UN General Assembly he has identified an Iranian 'Red Line'  as being likely next summer when, he believes, Iran will have amassed enough enriched Uranium to make one bomb. Western meddling in the Middle East & the wider Muslim world, especially in the last decade, has (with the possible exception of Libya) been an unmitigated disaster. A Syrian rebel spokesman was bewailing lack of western help. Because of Western bungling we are constantly vilified and, aided by Russian & Chinese posturing, it is time to say enough is enough. The Syrian problem must be solved by the governments of the Arab world, both secular and religious, by themselves.  The USA, and especially the UK, must NOT sign up to Israel's  new Red Line. Any military attack on Iran is unacceptable, especially  whilst  Israel retains its own huge nuclear arsenal. Western priorities must be the containment of Israel, isolating & protecting it from both external threats and its own belligerence, and to continue to seek a diplomatic solution with Iran. Netanyahu's posturing over Iran has done his people no favours.

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