Sunday, 16 September 2012

Red Line approaches? I hope not

This post is going to look very strange alongside my last one of Sept 5th & I can already hear the shouts of 'hypocrite' & other less flattering comments. But some issues are SO big that all ones determination to fight on from the inside eventually evaporates. I do not read the Daily Mail, or the Mail on Sunday. I would find it hard to believe those organs of the print media over anything. Nor do I know what Sir Nick Harvey thinks or why he left the MoD. The 'Mails' report  that Nick was sacked from MoD because of outspoken opposition to a military adventure in Iran. Of course no one wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon but with the State of Israel having a large number of them, which it denies, and with Israels dreadful behaviour over some 40yrs if I was an Iranian I'd most certainly want my own bomb. Whatever the solution, a military strike on Iran is not it and if Israel goes ahead unilaterally it must NOT be supported. Consequently, if the Coalition supports any military action by anybody over this issue with the LibDems doing anything but total opposition that will be the end of my nearly 60yrs support for the Liberal Party & its successors

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